M Card Member

M Card is The Mall Group's loyalty membership card.
Be our member, enjoy 365-day special privileges from both in-store and out-store Including online shopping, including Shopping, Dining, Beauty, Entertainment, Hotel and Travel.
Bring you with the evolution of new shopping experience at The Mall, Emporium, Emquartier, Paragon, Bluport, The Mall Sky Port, and Gourmet Market

More privileges from Bangkok Bank Visa

Enjoy M Point up to X4 from participating shops worldwide

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M Power
Empower your shopping journey with M Power shopping Tier rewards
Shop more and check your M Power Tier in M Card Application

Every time you spend at the Mall Group department store and Gourmet Market, the spending will be accumulated and highlighted in 4 M Power Tiers. The more you spend the more rewards you can redeem. Check your M Power Tier and your privileges at My Card ( Account) in M Card application.

Terms and Conditions: The accumulated spending is calculated from spending after discounts through M Card membership from The Mall Group department store/Power Mall/Gourmet Market and Home Fresh Mart all branches. The purchase of Gift Voucher, Gift Card, Bill payment, Makeup Voucher, and Deposit will not be calculated for accumulated spending.
*The accumulated spending per year is calculated between 1st January - 31st December by calendar year., **The accumulated spending per month is calculated from the first day of the month to one day prior to the ending date of the month. (The accumulated spending per month will be taken into account for M Power Tier Program from January 2021 onward)., ***The spending on 31st of December will not be calculated for M Power Tier program., For example, The accumulated spending in January 2021 is calculated between 1st - 30th January 2021. The spending on 31st January will not be added to the accumulated spending per month of January 2021 but will be added to the accumulated spending per the year 2021 The total spending will be displayed the next day, you can check your M Power Tier and privileges in M Card Application M Power Tier will be reset on 1st January of every year., The company reserves the right to change conditions without prior notice.
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M Benefits for all lifestyle

M Point
Transfer your points from credit card to M Point and enhance your shopping power.
M Card FAQ’s
You can redeem M Point as the discount, cash coupon, premium, or privileges at our department stores or participating shops.
You can use mobile number as alias card number or present Virtual Card in mobile application.
To protect your account and unauthorized M Point redemption.
MCard Counter or Redemption Counter
Present citizen id card or passport to our staffs
Cashier in our department store
Present MCard together with citizen id card or passport to our cashier
Mobile Application
Click redemption in M Coupon sections.
Download application at App Store or Play store
Every 800 M Point can be exchanged to 100 baht M Cash Coupon at MCard Counter or M Card Application
Get ontop 12.5% discount at any cashier
Example Purchase goods 2,000 baht, Redeem 1600 M Point as 200 baht discount (=1600x12.5%), Discount cannot to purchase liquid/wine cellar, refill card, gift card or gift voucher, Redeem transaction cannot be void or cancel.
M Card has no expiration date, except Platinum MCard for3 years.
M Points is valid for 3 years from the year of purchasing product or services. The company will cut off the expiring M Points on 31st December of every year. Expiry M Point can be checked at MCard counter and M Card Application.
You can check your M Point at
- Purchase slip in department store
- MCard Counter at any stores
- www.MCardMall.com
- MCard application
*M Point show as of yesterday. M Point earn today will show on tomorrow.
you can contact at MCard counter or Inspector Point at any stores or M Card Application
You can request to reissue at MCard counter (Free of charge 1times)
Reissuing Fee:
For Platinum MCard = 300 baht
For other card type = 50 baht